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Why Is My Cocker Spaniel Always Hungry?

Truthfully, cocker spaniels are always hungry, just as much as they are always energetic. And you might think you’re not feeding your dog enough, especially if they keep scavenging at almost everything when you go out for a walk. If your cocker spaniel has you worried because of its persistent appetite, don’t worry; you are not alone.

However, this is not to mean that you should ignore your canine’s indications of hunger. You just need to determine the reasons and decide if they are viable or not. First things first, how much food should an average cocker spaniel consume in a day?

Depending on the age of your cocker spaniel, they should be getting between 1 and a half to two and a half cups of dog food a day. Spread the amounts into two meals a day to ensure that your dog has enough energy to last them through the day and night.

Too many treats in between meals can cause a cocker spaniel to be hungry

Feeding cocker spaniels treats to often can cause them to be always hungry

While it is okay to want to keep your cocker spaniel happy with edible treats, they could be the reason why your dog is always seeking food. Imagine this, what would happen to your metabolism if you keep eating snacks all through the day? Your body gets used to food supplements all the time, and you feel yourself getting more hungry than you would if you stuck to a regular and scheduled feeding schedule.

This is usually the same with feeding cocker spaniels. The more treats they get during the day, the more hungry they become. If you have been treating your dog to too many edibles, then you might have to cut down on that. If you use the edibles to reinforce positive behaviour, you can replace them with other non-edible treats. For instance, allow them to play with their favourite toy for a longer period of time to encourage certain behaviour or use loving gestures such as pats and rubbing their fur. 

Your Cocker Spaniel May Be Underfed

Depending on the age of your cocker spaniel, you should know the exact food ratios to feed them and how many snacks they should get in a day. If you’re feeding your adult cocker spaniel in the ratio of a puppy, you could be starving your canine. This might explain why they are always hungry.

How Much Should You Feed Your Cocker Spaniel

Talk to your veterinarian to know how much you should be feeding your dog in a day. You can even ask your local vet to give you a chart so that you know when to reduce portions and when to add them as your dog ages. Remember, the younger and more energetic cocker spaniels require more energy than the older ones.

You can learn more about how much to feed your cocker spaniel in this guide here

You can also learn when to switch your puppy to two meals a day

How Often Do You Deworm Your Cocker Spaniel?

Nothing has an appetite like a worm-infested cocker spaniel.  You might be shocked at the amounts of food and scraps your dog might be getting in a day, but how often do you deworm your canine?

Cocker spaniel having a checkup and owner being advised

Deworming your cocker spaniel helps them to get rid of parasites that could be fueling their appetite. If your dog picks up scraps, you might need to deworm them more regularly. Talk to your vet, so you know which deworming drugs are a great fit for your dog.

Do not feed your dog with other people’s food to discourage them from scavenging around at mealtimes.

In conclusion,

A cocker spaniel’s energy is often matched with an unending appetite. If this sounds like a problem you know all too well, do not worry. It is common with almost all cocker spaniels. In fact, you should be worried if your cocker spaniel’s appetite does not match their energy. Try and feed your dog a maximum of two meals a day in the right portions and with only the required amount of edible treats. Also, ensure that you deworm your cocker spaniel regularly and get rid of the parasites.

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