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When Is A Cocker Spaniel Fully Grown? By Weight and Weeks

Are you thinking of getting a cocker spaniel puppy? A cocker spaniel is one of the most common dog breeds among dog lovers, and it is easy to see why. A cocker spaniel is a dog breed originally from Spain, which was used as hunting dogs. For this reason, cockers are very energetic dogs with very strong hunting instincts. Cocker spaniels are also very playful, easily trainable, sweet, intelligent, and they are great with kids. This is what makes them great family dogs. So, when is a cocker spaniel fully grown?

When is a cocker spaniel fully grown?

Cocker spaniels take between 18-24 months until they are fully grown. Just like us humans, however, different cocker spaniel pups take different growth paths with different rates. Every dog will develop uniquely.

black cocker spaniel puppy

What are a cocker spaniel’s measurements when fully grown? 

A cocker spaniel is a medium-sized dog breed. When fully grown, a female cocker spaniel gets to 15 to 15.5inches tall. Their male counterparts are larger, and when fully grown they will be about 15.5 to 16inches. For the body length, cocker spaniels will be anywhere between 24-29 inches. 

What’s a cocker spaniel’s weight when fully grown?

Male cocker spaniels will weigh between 12.5 to 15.5kgs, while females weigh 11.75 to 14.5kgs. 

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Cocker spaniel growth stages 

Just like human babies, pups too have an expected growth chart that’s crucial for pet parents to monitor their puppy’s growth. This way, you can tell whether they are on schedule or when there are some deviations that might indicate health problems. If you intend you intend to get a cocker spaniel, here are some guiding growth stages. 

0 to 2 weeks 

At this stage, a cocker spaniel’s puppy is largely inactive. They will spend almost their entire day sleeping and feeding in between. All their energy is focused on growing. 

Baby cocker spaniel only a few months old

3 weeks to 3 months 

From the 3rd week, the puppies open their eyes and they start to walk around and play with their fellow puppies. During this stage, they go through teething as well, a risky stage in any puppy’s life. Expect a lot of chewing and destructive behaviour at this stage. You might want to get them an anti-chew playpen and safe to chew puppy toys at this stage.

Other than playing with their littermates, they also start socializing and forming a bond with people around them.

By the end of this stage, the puppies will need a lot more than their mother’s milk for their nutrition. 

4 to 9 months old

This is a transitional stage for the puppies, much like the human teens. Just like the human teens, the puppies will form their personalities at this stage. Behavioural issues like aggression at this age are common, nothing unusual. They start getting territorial at this stage too. Much like puberty for girls, the female puppies will get on the heat for the first time by the end of this stage. 

A cocker spaniel puppy close to being fully grown

10-24 months 

Cockers will get physically fully mature by 10 months but continue to develop and gain weight and form physically into adults. Once fully developed, a cocker spaniel will live for between 10 to 15 years. This is what makes them great family dogs as they will be with your family for a long time. 

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Other important breed information

If you are thinking of getting a cocker spaniel puppy, here other breed facts you should know about them. 


Cocker spaniels are sweet-natured, intelligent, friendly, loyal dogs. This is what makes them ideal if you are looking for a family dog breed. Cockers are not very good at being alone, they bond a lot more strongly with family too, which makes them great with kids. 


cocker spaniel exercising and training

Cocker spaniels are very active dogs. Due to their strong hunter instincts, they are always running and playing around. They need a lot of walking and running around to stay mentally stimulated and fit. A cocker will not be an ideal choice for you if you are not very active. 

You can read more about how much exercise cocker spaniels need by age in this guide.


One of the most endearing cocker spaniel’s physical qualities is their beautiful straight, sometimes wavy, thick coat of hair. To keep a cocker spaniel looking their best, intensive grooming is needed. You will need to trim their coat every one and a half to two months. Most people prefer to have it done by a professional groomer. This can be a little expensive. In between the trips to the groomer, regular brushing is needed to keep the coat mat and tangle-free. 

Health issues

cocker spaniel having a health check at the vets

While cocker spaniels have a long life span, they are not immune to common dog illnesses like hip dysplasia. Ear infections, however, are a lot more common with this dog breed. This is due to their large flappy ears that make it hard for air to circulate in their ears. You will need to pay more attention to their ears and seek them vet help if you notice something unusual. 

In conclusion, 

If you are planning on getting a cocker spaniel pup, we hope this guide helped shed some light on what to expect of this awesome dog breed. They are friendly, loyal, intelligent, playful, and overall, very adorable. They are generally great family dogs and if your little one has been bugging you about getting them a pup, this will be a good choice. Their size also makes them well-suited to small children.

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