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Can You Use Baby Wipes on a Dog?

While we can agree that a dog deserves as much care as you give to a baby, we can also agree that dogs’ needs are very different from human baby needs. Anyone would be forgiven for thinking that baby wipes pose no danger to your pup. If it’s safe enough for a baby’s soft, sensitive skin it must be safe on a dog, right?

To most dog parents, baby wipes might sound like a quick, convenient handy solution to the always messy pups.

So, can you use baby wipes on a dog?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Here is why. While a one-off clean-up with baby wipes may not cause harm to your dog, regular cleaning with baby wipes may not be the best option for your dog.

This is partly because baby wipes are made for human babies. Both humans and dogs have different PH levels on their skins. Baby wipes are not designed for a dog’s skin PH. This might’ in the long term, cause some skin problems for your pup.

Another reason why you should not use baby wipes on your pup is that some of them contain chemicals that might not be good for your dog’s skin. Alcohol-based wipes, for instance, are not safe for dogs because they dehydrate the skin, which might cause irritation.

Are there safe baby wipes for a dog?

If you want to have some wipes at hand for a quick clean-up for your pet, we would advise you to consider getting yourself dog wipes. These are tailored specifically for a dog and are perfectly safe to use. If you just happen to have baby wipes in hand, however, you should check that they don’t contain alcohol and parabens. You want to make sure that the baby wipes you have at hand are hypoallergenic. This will eliminate the risk of your dog having an allergic reaction to the wipes.

Should I use baby wipes on a dog?

As we have already explained, an occasional clean-up with baby wipes is not likely to cause your pup much harm. However, you should avoid regular use of baby wipes on your dog. Here is more on why you should avoid using baby wipes on dogs.

Gentle wipes? Not So Much

As we have already explained, although baby wipes are specially designed to be gentle on a baby’s skin, they are not so gentle on a dog’s skin. Dogs’ skins are more sensitive, and even the mild chemicals on baby wipes could irritate their skin. Baby wipes have perfumes, parabens, and chemicals that can harm your dog’s skin. Canines also tend to lick their bodies a lot, so imagine how many chemicals your dog will be ingesting if you use baby wipes on them.

Eye Infections

Baby wipes have a soapy liquid that stings if it comes into contact with the eyes, even the human eye. If some of this liquid slips into your dog’s eye, they will get irritated. Worse still, the soapy liquid can also cause eye infections for your canine or have other serious effects.

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So, What Is The Difference Between Baby Wipes and Dog Wipes?

Dog wipes are specifically produced for a dog’s skin and come with mild fragrances and chemicals. They are just right to maintain your dog’s normal pH and are less likely to cause skin infections for your dog. On the other hand, even the mildest of baby wipes have chemicals such as propylene glycol, which is harmful to dogs.

Dog wipes are usually larger and bulkier because they are designed to clean a dog’s body. On the other hand, baby wipes are slim and smaller in size.

When buying wipes for your dog, consult with your veterinary for the best brands in the market, and most importantly, how to use the wipes.

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In Conclusion,

Baby wipes are usually gentle to the skin but are not ideal for a dog’s skin. If you have to clean your dog with wipes, always make sure that you have a pack of dog wipes with you. Continued use of normal baby wipes on your dog could cause infections and mess with your dog’s PH. If baby wipes are all you have at hand at the moment, make sure they are hypoallergenic and have no alcohol and parabens on them or any other chemical that would irritate your pup’s skin.

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