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When Do Puppies Start Walking? Everything you need to know

Aren’t puppies just cute? From the moment they are born to when they start cruising around the house, you can’t help but love them. The most exciting part is definitely when they can run around and yelp at everything that moves. So when exactly do puppies start walking?

For the first two weeks, puppies’ eyes are still closed and they can only rely on their smelling instincts to identify with their surroundings. At this time, they do nothing much other than sleep and make slight movements in their nests. After two weeks, their eyes open and so does their curiosity to explore the world around them.

At around three weeks, a puppy can support its body weight and stand. They might even try to climb out of their sleeping area. At this time, they start noticing things beyond their nests and are eager to step out in the world. At four weeks, a puppy can start making all movements and cruise around its sleeping area.

After the fourth week, your pups will be running around and yelping all across the garden and in the house. This is usually the right time to start leash training and other habits when they are still young. If you don’t start training this early, they might grow out of control and it becomes harder to train them.

So, What Should I Do If My Puppy Does Not Walk at Four Weeks?

Puppy not walking

Like human babies, puppies have different times to achieve their milestones. Some puppies may walk as soon as they stand at three weeks, while others might be too scared and delay walking by a few days after the fourth week. However, it should not go beyond the fifth week.

If your puppy does not walk by the fifth week, talk to your veterinarian. And do not wait too long to consult the vet. Most puppy defects can be identified and corrected at a young age. However, if you delay the consultation, your puppy could grow up with a defect or even die. If your puppy is having delayed walking milestones, your veterinarian will advise on how best you can help your puppy catch up.

The Best Exercises To Help Your Puppy To Walk

Puppy exercising and gain strength in legs

The best way to help your puppy gain walking confidence is to start walking them around the home. Take them for short-distance walks at home and wait until they are fully vaccinated to take them for walks outside your own garden. Please don’t push your puppy’s pace; let them walk at their pace. Long walks can be overwhelming to a puppy and might make them cower from walking.

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You can also teach your puppy to run after toys and play fetch so that they strengthen their limbs. Short runs and sprinting exercises not only strengthen your pup’s limbs but also open up their respiratory systems.

In conclusion,

Nothing brings happiness to a pup owner than coming home to a healthy puppy, running around in circles to welcome their owner home. An average puppy starts walking at four weeks, or slightly before or after. If your puppy has delayed milestones, talk to your pet doctor and how best you can help them. You can engage your puppy in simple walking and sprinting exercises to help them strengthen their limbs.

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