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What is a blue roan cocker spaniel?

A cocker spaniel is a dog breed best known for their long silky coats and their characteristic large ears with curly or wavy hair. The breed originated from Spain hence the spaniel in their name. Cocker spaniels were generally bred for hunting and this makes them a very active dog breed. A typical cocker spaniel will need at least an hour of physical activity daily to stay mentally stimulated. If you are not a very active household, a cocker spaniel dog will probably not be a very suitable dog choice for you. 

Temperament-wise, the cocker spaniel dog breeds are known for their sweet nature, intelligence, loyalty, and playfulness. These characteristics and their medium-sized physique make them perfect companions for children. If your little ones have been bugging you for a puppy, a cocker spaniel will be an ideal addition to your family. 

Cocker spaniels are mainly categorized into two breeds; the American cocker spaniel and the English cocker spaniel. These two sub-breeds have slightly different physical attributes. A blue roan cocker spaniel belongs to the English cocker spaniel sub-breed. If you are wondering what a blue roan cocker spaniel is, we are here to shed some light on it. 

What is a blue roan cocker spaniel?

A blue roan cocker spaniel is one of the English cocker spaniel colour patterns. Roan is an animal colour pattern that describes an equal mix of pigmented and white hairs. This coat colour pattern is a result of some animal genetic conditions and it is not only found in dogs but also horses, antelopes, and cows. 

A blue roan cocker spaniel is an English cocker spaniel whose coat pattern is made of an even mixture of white and black or pigmented hairs. The coat ends up looking greyish or blueish, hence the name blue roan. 

Blue roan cocker spaniels are naturally born mostly white with black patches. The white patches freckle within weeks and continue to get darker with age. 

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Other English cocker spaniel coat colours 

Other than the blue roan coat colour pattern, English cocker spaniels come in a variety of coat colours. Overall, English cocker spaniels come in about twenty four different coat colours. These coat colours can be categorized into these main categories;

Solid colours 

Solid cocker spaniel coats are mostly single colours without white or with a very minimal amount of white. Common English cocker spaniel coat colours include brown or liver, black, and golden. 


Particoloured english cocker spaniel

Particoloured English cocker spaniels, on the other hand, have coloured patches on a white dog body. Particoloured cocker spaniels might also have a bit of freckling or tickling. Extreme freckling is what results in roan colours. 

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Does the blue roan coat colour affect their health?

The short answer is no. There is no evidence to show that a blue roan cocker spaniel has health problems specific to the coat colour. 

Blue Roan cocker spaniel characteristics 

A blue roan cocker spaniel is not any different from other English cocker spaniel dogs. It’s sweet-natured, loyal, playful, full of energy and also makes a great family dog, especially if you have little ones in your home. 

Training Blue roan cocker spaniel

Blue roan cocker spaniels, like their fellow cockers, live for about 10 to 12 years. Due to their large flappy ears, cocker spaniels have a higher risk of getting ear infections than other dog breeds. You will need to stay vigilant by cleaning their ears and checking to ensure they are showing no signs of infection. 

Cocker spaniel dogs also have a long silky coat that requires regular grooming to stay healthy and avoid matting. You will need to groom them every 6 to 8 weeks. In addition to grooming, their coat needs brushing at least 3 times a week to prevent tangles and matting. 

When it comes to physical exercise, cocker spaniels are a lot more active than other dog breeds. As I have already mentioned, a cocker spaniel will need at least one hour of physical exercise to stay mentally stimulated.  

In conclusion, 

Blue roan cocker spaniels are typically English cocker spaniels. The only distinguishing characteristic is their coat colour, which is a result of extreme freckling. When it comes to health and care, the fact that they have a roan coat does not differentiate them much from their counterparts.

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