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How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Grass, why they do it and how to tell if it is a more serious problem

If you are here, you must have noticed your puppy snacking on your lawn. Dogs are not grazers, and it is only natural that you are curious about what is going on and how to stop it. So, is it normal for dogs to eat grass, is it dangerous to them, and how do you stop your puppy from snacking on your lawn? We are about to tell you all about it.

Why do dogs eat grass?

Dogs eating grass is not as uncommon as you might be thinking, so there is no need to panic. Wolves and wild dogs eat grass as well, and this might be something pet dogs bring from their past in the wild. If you have noticed your pup eating grass, here are some of the reasons it might be happening.

Dog eating grass in the park

Some dogs suther from a condition called Pica which includes eating grass

Pica is an eating disorder categorized by eating non-food items with no nutritional value. In humans, pica can manifest in people eating non-food items such as old paint, hair, or dirt. Dogs with this condition might eat stones, dirt, or grass. Pica could be caused by nutritional deficiencies in both humans and animals.

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Dietary deficiencies can cause dogs to eat grass as they may need fibre

Dog feeding on new food to help prevent grass eating

Another reason your dog could be eating grass is nutritional deficiencies. If your dog’s diet is lacking roughage, it could be why they are eating grass. Some dog owners have reported that increasing the fibre in their pups’ diet made their dogs stop eating grass. If you notice your beloved pet eating grass, try adjusting their diet to include more roughage.

Dogs often eat grass to induce vomiting

While not all dogs vomit when they eat grass, some dog owners have noticed that their dogs vomit after eating grass. The dogs vomiting after eating grass might be eating grass when they feel sick to induce vomiting. Indigestion or gas issues might be making the dog eat the grass to vomit to ease the distress. There is no consensus on this though, as some owners dispute that dogs would be intelligent enough to know that eating grass will induce vomiting and make them feel better.

Dog eating grass to induce vomiting

Boredom is another reason they can simply turn to eating grass

Your furry friend may be eating grass simply because they are bored and they like the taste of grass. If you suspect that this is why your pet is munching on your lawn, you should engage them more in physical exercise. You could buy them some toys to play with when outdoors. This will keep them stimulated mentally.

Is eating grass dangerous for dogs?

If you are here, you must be worried about your furry companion. Dogs eating grass in itself is not dangerous. However, if you notice that your dog is eating grass to induce vomit, you might want to have a vet take a look at them. It could be an indication that your dog is ill.

Spraying weeds in the garden can make dogs ill if they eat the grass or weeds that have treated

The kind of grass your dog is snacking on also matters. If you use chemicals that might be harmful to your dog, this is dangerous. The same applies to house plants. If the grass is safe, you have nothing to worry about.

Grazing dogs might also get worms from the grass they are eating, especially if other pets poop on the grass. 

How to stop your dog from eating grass

As you can see, there is no one proven answer or reason why your dog could be eating grass. As a result, there is no one straightforward method to stop pups from eating grass. If you have noticed your dog eating grass, you will have to use the trial and error method.

If you suspect your dog is eating grass because they are bored, find ways to keep them engaged and stimulated mentally. You could, for instance, play an interactive game of fetch with them, maybe consider an automatic ball thrower for the garden.

Also, buy them toys to play with when outdoors such as an automatic ball dispenser.

If you notice that your dog is eating grass to induce vomiting, on the other hand, it could be a sign that your dog is ill.  Have a vet look at them to ascertain that they are not sick. You should also try and adjust their diet to include more fibre.

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