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How To Stop A Dog Chewing on Wood Inside Your Home

Your dog chewing on furniture can be frustrating, if not annoying. You badly want to keep your furniture intact without those ugly bite marks but don’t want to scare away your dog or puppy. So what should you do?

The first thing you should do is identify why your dog keeps chewing on wood. Some of the most basic reasons are:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Teething problems
  • Loneliness
  • Breed behaviour

Whatever the reason for your dog’s wood chewing behaviour, you need to find a solution fast!

How do you stop a dog from chewing wood?

Here are some of the strategies you could use to deter your canine from this detestable behaviour.

Apply Preventive Measures to Help Prevent Dogs Chewing Wood

Dog gate used to block off area where the dog can chew wooden furniture

One sure way to deter your dog from chewing on wood is to remove any temptations from them. Pick up any branches or twigs that may trigger them to start chewing. You can also use barriers to separate the dog and your furniture. For instance, you can move furniture to inaccessible areas, use dog gates to block off areas or use protective material on them.

If your dog chews on wood because of a teething problem, it is a phase that will probably go away. If not, you need to train your dog not to chew on wood. Always ensure that your puppy is not left alone in the house and if they are, they should be in their crate or playpen.

Use Behaviour Modification Training To Help Prevent Your Dog From Biting Wood

Maybe your dog needs a little behaviour modification. If chewing on wood is a habit the dog has recently acquired, you need to figure out a way to discourage them from it. For instance, you can use firm commands like “No” when they start chewing on wood.

If the dog heeds to your command and stops chewing, you can reward them with an edible treat, verbal praise or a pat on the head to affirm their positive response. Repeat this process as much as you need to until the dog stops chewing on wood.

Provide Chew Toys

Dog toy used to try and discourage chewing on wood

If your dog is chewing on wood, maybe try giving them chew toys? Your dog could be chewing on wood because of teething problems, which is common in most puppies. The irritation to their gums makes them want to chew on something to soothe it. Instead of chewing on your furniture, give your dog chew toys to play with and soothe their irritated gums.

However, if your dog is beyond the teething stage, it may be a sign of dental problems. In this case, see a vet to identify the problem and provide a reasonable solution.

Engage Your Dog in Play and Exercises

Dog owner keeping dog engage to help prevent chewing on wood caused by being bored

Your dog could be chewing on wood because they are bored and lonely. This is especially possible if the dog spends a lot of time alone and doesn’t get enough exercise. You can engage the dog in exercises such as walks, runs and other games to distract them from chewing on wood. Getting your dog tired will wear them out and they will not have time to think about chewing on your furniture.

Use Dog Chewing Deterrents

If all the above strategies fail or do not achieve the desired results, you can use a sprayed dog chewing deterrent such as apple cider vinegar. You can make this solution at home and spray it on all furniture surfaces. The solution has a bitter taste that will discourage the dog from chewing on the wood. However, this strategy works better with behaviour modification training.

In conclusion,

If your dog is threatening to wipe off the beauty of your wooden furniture with unsightly bite marks, you need to do something about it. You can use preventive measures and behaviour modification training and introduce chew toys to replace the wood.

Engage your dog in play and exercise to wear them out and use dog chewing deterrents in extreme cases. Don’t allow your favourite pet to destroy your beautiful furniture.

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