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How Often Do Cocker Spaniels Need to Be Groomed

A well-groomed cocker spaniel is always a sight to behold. However, good grooming does not come easily. The good thing is that, if you already own a cocker spaniel, you have set your heart on keeping them as happy as possible.

Give them a professional groom every 1 and a half months to 2 months

While a cocker spaniel’s coat is one of their most endearing qualities, it takes a lot to maintain, making cocker spaniels one of the most grooming intensive dog breeds around. To prevent matting and to keep their coat healthy and shiny, you will need to take them to the groomer every 1 and a half months to 2 months.

If you could also decide to clip their hair at home to save on the grooming costs if you know how to do it. Just get yourself an appropriate grooming kit for a cocker spaniel.

Brush cocker spaniels at least every three days

To keep the silky coat from matting, you will need to brush it at least every three days. Clipping nails, giving them baths and other grooming routines will also be necessary. However, unlike human beings, cocker spaniels do not need to take a bath daily. You can bathe your dog every two weeks so that you don’t mess with their skin.

Most dogs have two coats; the long silky coat that you see and a denser coat beneath. The undercoat protects your cocker spaniel from extreme weather conditions, while the upper coat traps dirt.

You’ll need to keep your dog neat by brushing the hair on the topcoat every three days or more often if need be. However, try to stick to three days; you don’t want to irritate your canine’s skin with regular brushing. You can use a metal-toothed hairbrush for your cocker spaniel’s hair brushing.

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Bathe them every 2 weeks

Bath your cocker spaniel every two weeks with friendly dog shampoo and lots of water. Most cocker spaniels enjoy taking baths and splashing in the water. However, if your dog is fussy during bath time, look for ways to make it more interesting. You can use their favourite toy in the water and help them have fun while taking a bath.

Consult your vet on the best shampoo to use on your spaniel. There are both natural and chemical shampoos. Natural shampoos are better for your dog because they are gentle on the skin and fur. Chemical-based shampoos are harsh, can cause allergies and may make your dog’s hair brittle and harder to maintain.

Clipping a cocker spaniel

Clipping your dog is also good practise and one of the best ways to keep them well-groomed. If your dog walks on hard pavements a lot, its nails get clipped naturally. However, if your cocker spaniel walks on softer surfaces, you need to clip them on a regular basis, at least every two weeks.

Be careful not to injure the flesh under the nails whilst you are clipping. If you accidentally hurt your dog, you can stop the bleeding by pressing a piece of tissue on the injured part. If the bleeding does not stop within 8 minutes, consult a veterinarian.

If your cocker spaniel’s nails are clear, you’re in luck because you can see the pink part in their nails. This will guide you so that you don’t injure your dog with the clippers. If the paws are dark-coloured, cut them bit by bit and keep checking your clipper’s proximity to the flesh.

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Keeping your cocker spaniel well-groomed is an important part of raising a healthy dog. Shower your dog at least once every two weeks, brush their hair once every three days and clip their nails every two weeks.

A nicely groomed cocker spaniel is lovable and easier to pet. You’ll also be saving yourself the headache of dealing with dog parasites that can also be quite a nuisance to you and your family.

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