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How long should you walk cocker spaniel puppies?

Cocker spaniels are a friendly intelligent dog breed. In addition to their adorable floppy ears and their silky coat that draws many to this dog breed, they also need a lot of physical exercise to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. This is because this medium-sized dog is a working dog breed, specifically bred for hunting over the years. Whilst it is obvious that your cocker spaniel puppy will need some walking, just how often and for how long should you walk your cocker spaniel puppy? We will tell you all about it in this article.

How long should you walk a cocker spaniel puppy?

Cocker spaniel puppy being walked daily for exercise

While adult cocker spaniels can walk for a lot longer, puppy cocker spaniels will not yet have the stamina to walk for long periods of time. Walking your cocker spaniel puppy for longer than they can handle may lead to them developing joint problems later on in life.

How long you walk your cocker spaniel puppy should be determined by how old they are. The rule of thumb is 5 minutes for every month of their life, twice a day. So, for example, if your cocker spaniel puppy is three months old, then you should really only walk them for 15 minutes twice a day. When your cocker spaniel is fully grown, you should walk them for 30 minutes twice a day.

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How often should you walk a cocker spaniel?

Walking cocker spaniel twice a day to tire them out but not to much as can damage there joints as they are still developing

As we have previously mentioned, cocker spaniels should be walked daily. Due to their working background, cocker spaniels need a lot of physical exercise to stay healthy and expel their extra energy. Failure to exercise them fully might lead to behavioural issues around the house like chewing.

One issue people have further down the line is that their cocker spaniels pull on their lead and want heel. This is often caused by incorrect training, read how to stop a cocker spaniel from pulling in its lead in this guide and different training techniques.

What are other ways to exercise a corker spaniel?

Walking is the best way to exercise a cocker spaniel. This is because other than physically exercising them, walking also provides the mental stimulation needed by a cocker spaniel to stay healthy.

Sometimes, however, you might not be able to walk them. Here are other ways to exercise a cocker spaniel pup.

Interactive games keep puppies entertained and exercised

You can play interactive doggie games with your cocker spaniel puppy if you cannot take them out for a walk. Fetch, where you throw a ball for them to fetch and tug toy games are some of the interactive games you can play with your cocker spaniel. In addition to exercising them, interactive dog games are a perfect way to interact and bond with your cocker spaniel.

Chew toys are a must for cocker spaniel puppies

Cocker spaniel puppy playing with toys

Chew toys are very handy for growing cocker spaniel puppies, especially when they are going through their teething phase. With chew toys, you provide your cocker spaniel with something safe to chew and hopefully divert their chewing from your shoes, furniture upholstery and other things you don’t want them to chew on.

Interactive feeding toys

Interactive feeding toys don’t necessarily provide your cocker spaniel with the exercise they need for the day, but they provide your cocker spaniel puppy with mental stimulation.

The interactive feeding toys also teach your cocker spaniel puppy to work for food. Your cocker spaniel’s hunting instincts are also satisfied with interactive feeding toys.

In conclusion,

Cocker spaniels are an active dog breed that need a lot of physical exercise. One of the best ways to get them their daily dose of physical exercise is by walking them. Other than physical exercise, a walk also provides your cocker spaniel with the mental stimulation they need.

How long a cocker spaniel puppy should be walked depends on how old they are. 5 minutes for every month of their life, twice a day is a rule of thumb to go by. In addition to walks, you can also play some interactive games with your cocker spaniel puppy, such as fetch and tug. Chew and interactive doggie toys are also another way to keep your cocker spaniel puppy occupied. A cocker spaniel should be walked daily to keep them healthy and in good shape.

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