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How Do You Know If Your Pug Is Pregnant?

What’s better news than knowing that your pug is about to fill your home with a few more fluffy balls? Certainly none!

If you’ve noticed your pug getting lazy as the days go by, with an enlarged abdomen and low appetite at some point in their days, you could be looking at a pregnant dog. However, it is always safe to have your dog checked if you notice any unusual behaviour.

What Are The Most Common Signs of A Pregnant Pug?

Even before you consult a veterinarian, you might observe some of the following pregnancy signs and symptoms in your dog.

Unusual Laziness

When your dog is pregnant, they may become overly lazy and want to take naps all the time. You can easily notice this behaviour, especially if your dog is usually more energetic in normal circumstances. However, this could skip your attention if your dog is usually the lazy type.

While getting lazy and sleepy is a common sign of pregnancy in dogs, you should get them checked just to be sure. Sometimes, the frequent naps and lethargy could be an indicator of a disease or another condition.

Better safe and sure than sorry. If your veterinarian confirms that your dog is pregnant, you can consult more on what you should do to support them in their pregnancy.

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Too Close or Too Distant

Depending on their hormones, your dog might be more drawn to you or prefer isolation. You might notice your canine wanting to be petted more and staying close to you more than usual.

Even when your try to distract them with activities, they will always come back to you for attention. You could also notice that your dog no longer likes to be in the company of humans or other dogs. These could be the hormones encouraging isolation in your dog. If you see these changes in your pug’s behaviour, get them tested for pregnancy.

Vomiting and Changes in Appetite

Did you know that dogs also have their versions of morning sickness? Well, a pregnant dog may start to vomit every morning, especially after they take their first meal of the day. Such behaviour may prolong especially in the early days of pregnancy.

You might also notice changes in their feeding habits, such as decreased or increased appetite and extreme like or dislike of their food. During the early stages of the pregnancy, your pug may have a decreased appetite.

However, in the advanced stages of the pregnancy, they will show dissatisfaction with the food portions you give them.

Nipple and Abdominal Changes

A pregnant pug’s nipples carry all the tell-tale signs of pregnancy. Usually, a dog’s nipples are flat and dark-coloured. However, when they are pregnant, the nipples may become more rounded and reddish, showing an increased blood flow in the area.

In the advanced stages of the pregnancy, the nipples might start leaking some milk. At this time, you’ll know that your pug’s due date is near. Your dog is also likely to show unusual changes in abdominal size as the pregnancy advances.

Adding Weight and Nesting

Pregnant pug lay on back

Just like humans, most pugs gain weight during pregnancy. If you have noticed an unusual weight gain trend on your dog, better get them tested for pregnancy. Your dog could also be pregnant if they start shedding their sleeping area in readiness for pups.

However, you already know they are pregnant by the time they start shedding because of all the signs mentioned above.

In conclusion,

A pregnant pug is always good news to the owner because who doesn’t like puppies? If you notice changes in your pug, such as changes in their appetite and moods, physical changes, and weight gain, talk to your veterinarian to check if your dog is pregnant.

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