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Do dogs need a bed? Everything you need to know.

Most dogs spend 12 to 18 hours of their 24-hour day sleeping or napping. That’s a lot of time lying down. If you don’t want your beloved furry friend to develop joint issues early on, you will need to get them a dog bed to cushion them from the hard surface of your floor. If you are still not sold on the idea, here are more reasons why you should get your new pup a dog bed.

Benefits of getting your dog a bed 

Here are some of the reasons why you should get your dog a bed.

Do dogs need their own bed?

Dogs are naturally denning animals. You might not have an actual den in your house but getting them a bed gives them a spot that’s just for them. After this, you might not have to fight over your favourite spot on your couch. With their bed in place, they are free to go and nap or sleep any time they fancy. 

dog sharing a bed with owner which is best avoided by getting them their own bed

Cleaning after your dog is much easier with a dog bed.

A good dog bed should be easy to clean. With a dog bed, that is easy to clean, tidying up after your dog becomes a lot easier. If they make a mess on a dog bed, it will be easier to clean than if it was on your bed or your couch.

A dog bed also helps contain some of the messes associated with pets. For instance, if your dog went out and rolled on something nasty then they came in and lay on their bed, it would be easier to clean up. Also, if your dog is having trouble with parasites like fleas or ticks, you don’t want them bringing that to your bed. With a dog bed, it would be a lot easier to disinfect and contain this. 

Dog beds are essential for reducing dog joint issues and bone health problems

Elderly dogs with delicate joints or those suffering from joint conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia will need extra support. A good bed in this case plays a crucial role in making the dogs as comfortable as possible. This is not to mean you have to wait until your dog has health problems for you to get them a good dog bed. Ensuring they are sleeping comfortably might delay the onset of such conditions. 

Vet looking at dog, a good dog bed and help delay issues with your dog health

If your furry friend is already having joint issues, you might need to get them an orthopaedic dog bed. Unlike common dog beds, an orthopaedic dog bed is specifically tailored to offer extra support to a dog with ailing joints. If your dog is recovering from surgery, an orthopaedic will also be ideal. 

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You’ll sleep better

As much as we love and want to snuggle with our furry friends during the night, sometimes you just want to have your bed to yourself. It isn’t always ideal to share your bed with your pet. Dogs are also territorial animals naturally so they might end up taking over your bed and growling at you at times. If you are allergic to your pet then you also will not want your bed littered with your dog’s dander and fur. 

air purifier which can help people who are allergic to pet dander

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What makes a dog bed great?

Now that we have talked about why your dog needs a bed, let’s look at what you should consider when looking for one. Here are some of the factors you should keep in mind when looking for a good dog bed. 

Get the right size dog bed with a little extra space

This is one of the crucial factors you have to keep in mind when looking for a dog bed. You could get the best dog bed on the market, but if your dog can’t fit into it then it will be of no use. Dog beds come in many different sizes so before buying one, you should take your pet’s measurements and pick the most suitable bed size for them. Remember to leave a little extra room. 

If your dog is still growing, you might want to consider buying a dog bed size that will accommodate them when they are fully grown. This way, you won’t have to keep replacing their bed at every step of their growth. 

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Look for dog beds that are easy to clean

You want to buy a dog bed that’s easy to clean. You don’t want cleaning after your pet to be hard and time-consuming. You will find dog beds with removable machine washable covers on the market and this will make cleaning a lot easier for you. 

Pressed to fresh is a pet odour eliminator that can help clean dog beds

Your dog’s special needs

As I have already mentioned, if you have a dog with joint problems or bone conditions, you will need to get them a dog bed with extra support, an orthopaedic bed. 

Your dog’s breed may also determine the type of dog bed that you buy. If your dog has a thick fur coat, you might not want to buy them a very warm bed as this might lead to overheating. A hairless dog breed, on the other hand, might need a warmer bed as they get a little colder than other dogs. 

Types of dog beds worth considering

If you just brought a new puppy home and you haven’t bought a dog bed before, here are some of the dog bed types you will find on the market. 

Orthopaedic dog bed which is great for dogs with joint issues or hip dysplasia

Orthopaedic dog beds 

An orthopaedic dog bed is one that is specifically tailored for ailing dogs with bone or joint conditions like arthritis or hip dysplasia. These beds offer your dog extra support that makes it possible for them to have a good night’s sleep despite their ailment. If your dog has just been through surgery then an orthopaedic dog bed would also be ideal. 

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Raised dog beds

A raised dog beds which are great for keeping cool in summer and warm in winter

Raised dog beds are good because they get your pet off the cold floor. This keeps them warm. When it’s warm, a good elevated dog bed that is breathable will also keep your dog from overheating. 

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Crate dog beds 

A dog great bed, these provide a den like experience and can keep your dog safe and be easy to clean

If your dog enjoys spending time in their crate, you might want to get them a crate bed to make it a little comfortable in there, especially if it’s a metal crate. An ideal crate bed is thinner than a conventional dog bed and should also be easy to clean in case your pet makes a mess in the crate. 

Travel dog beds can also be a good option which we also discuss in our other post.

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Heated beds 

Heated dog beds are ideal for cold winters, especially if you have a hairless dog breed. The heat from the heated bed would also soothe an ailing dog’s joints. While all this sounds good, you should be cautious with heated beds. If you have a chewy dog, for instance, this will not be ideal as they might chew the power cord. 

Donut dog bed which help keep your dog feeling safe

Doughnut dog beds 

These are beds with a padded bottom and raised sides. These raised sides offer your pet extra support. These beds are mostly round or oval. 

In conclusion 

Just as you need a comfortable place to lay down at the end of a long day of working, your pup also needs a place to sleep or nap after a long dog day. Other than gifting them with a comfortable warm night, a dog bed might also help delay the onset of joint conditions like arthritis. If your dog is already old or has joint problems, then a good dog bed is very crucial. Regardless of your dog’s age, go get them a good bed. They will thank you for it.

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