How Much Should a Cocker Spaniel Weigh?

How Much Should a Cocker Spaniel Weigh? Well, this depends on whether they're an English or American cocker spaniel, their age, health and more.

When you think about the ideal weight of your cocker spaniel, don’t make the mistake of comparing it to other dogs. Each dog is unique and your dog’s ideal weight could be over or under another dog’s ideal weight. Consider the breed (American or English), size, age, sex, health status and lifestyle of your dog to calculate their ideal weight.… Continue reading

Why Does My Dog Keep Shaking Its Head?

So is your dog shaking its head more than usual? in this guide, I talk about Why your Dog might Keep Shaking Its Head and how to deal with it.

Your dog shaking their head is a common sight because dogs don’t have hands or fingers to scratch the irritation away. Usually, when your dog shakes their head once or twice, it is to deal with an itch, remove any foreign objects that may be lurking in its ears or quite simply, to show excitement.… Continue reading