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Best Dog Prams – All-Terrain Strollers with Reviews

Does your dog look longingly and sadly out of your front room window when other dogs bounce by on their walks? Perhaps your beloved pet is too senior to go on a walk, or has had recent surgery, or is sick, or is just too wobbly on their feet to enjoy the outdoors like they used to. 

Bring the sparkle back to their eyes by investing in a dog pram or stroller to take them outside for fresh air and the excitement of being in the outdoors. In a dog pram, the technology of kids’ strollers is adapted for dogs and other pets – don’t let your cat or rabbit miss out on this adventure – to be safe and secure on their walk. 

Our review of Best Dog Prams focusses on all-terrain strollers that also handle walks off-road and into the park. We look at six models and list the pros and cons of each, explaining the different features as we go. We give a recommendation as to who and when that model is best for. Our Buyer’s Guide identifies the general features of a pet stroller and gives pointers about what to look for in the best dog strollers.

Our Best Pick is the TOGfit Pet Roadster Pram. This is a luxury pet stroller with all the features that you would expect – two entrance doors; scratchproof fabric; all-terrain wheels; a removable and washable mattress and a height adjustable handle. The TOGfit Pet Roadster Pram is our ultimate choice in safety and comfort for your dog’s explorations.

The Runner-up selection for best Dog Stroller is the Innopet Pet Stoller. This sporty-looking dog stroller boasts reflective strips for the darker hours of walking your pet as well as a flag so you can be seen from a distance. Don’t worry if your dog gets excited by all the sights and smells around as you can restrain them on the interior leash – but please do this carefully.


TOGfit Pet Roadster Pram
The TOGfit Pet Roadster has all the features for comfort and safety that you expect from a luxury dog stroller. Your dog has a large mattress to lay down on and enough space to comfortably sit up. The front netting gives a great view and the tear-resistant netting around the carrier provides plenty of ventilation. Pushing the stroller is made comfortable with the adjustable height handlebar and the locking wheels, while the large carry bag under the carrier lets you carry all the essentials for your dog’s fun trip. The powder-coated steel frame is sturdy and durable and the polyester fabric is scratchproof and easily cleanable. The TOGfit Pet Roadster - Luxury Pet Stroller is for you and your dog/cat/other pet if you appreciate comfort, safety and style on your outings together.


Innopet Pet Stoller
If your pet is of the right size and weight to fit into the Innopet Pet Stroller, both of you will look sporty on your walk. The reflective stripes and high flag help to keep you both safe in the early morning and evening light as well on roads without a pavement. The interior leash in the carrier aids in restraining your dog if they tend to become a bit excited on their adventure and the fabric of the carrier and the cushion cover is easily cleaned if any toilet mishaps occur. The 360° mesh windows (plus the mesh sunroof) ensure that your pet doesn’t miss any of the action that happens around them. The Innopet Pet Stroller is for you if both you and your dog like to move faster than at a stroll.

Best Dog Prams – All –Terrain Strollers Reviews

1. Pet Roadster – Luxury Pet Stroller


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Pet Roadster – Luxury Pet Stroller

The TOGfit Pet Roadster – Luxury Pet Stroller has all the features that you expect from a top of the line pet stroller. It looks like a pram but conveniently folds down flat for easy storage and transportation. A lock makes it stay closed flat so you don’t have to worry about it springing open in the back of your car.

The high quality of this pet stroller starts with the powder-coated steel frame that stands up to dings and dents and bad weather. If your dog does have a difficult time in the pram and wants to get out – perhaps they see a mortal enemy on the street – the mesh netting is tear resistant and the fabric of the carrier is scratch-resistant polyester.

If the excitement of finally getting out of the house is too much for your dog to contain, don’t worry, the mattress on the floor of the pram is removable and easily cleaned. This feature, along with the ease of cleaning the polyester carrier fabric by sponging it down with soapy water, makes it simple to keep your pet stroller’s interior and exterior hygienic. However, some online users say that the included mattress is not thick enough to be comfortable, so you may need to put another layer or a thicker pad in the stroller.

As far as the size of the dog or dogs or other pets suitable for this stroller, the maximum weight load recommended is 32kg. Please check the other dimensions of the stroller very carefully against your pet’s length, width, and so on, especially against the laying surface, to make sure of a comfortable fit.

The design of this TOGfit Pet Roadster also considers your comfort and convenience. The handle is adjustable so you can put it at whatever height works best for your height and posture. In addition, a large solid fabric carry basket is under the carrier where you can put any shopping plus whatever you need on your walk to make your dog even happier (toys, water, snacks and so on). 

Depending on the size of your dog and the cooperation you get, you can put your pet in the stroller through either the front or the rear zippered door. If your dog loves being in the stroller, you can keep either of these doors rolled up for extra ventilation and a better view of the scenery.

As far as safety goes, this pet stroller excels. All three wheels have EVA tyres to cope with off-street surfaces. The front wheel swivels 360° for smooth surfaces such as pavement and locks for rough terrain. The rear wheels have a foot brake so any movement from your dog when the stroller’s stationary won’t send it down the road.


  • Made of polyester scratch-resistant fabric for withstanding any temper tantrums or urges to leave the stroller to explore the outside.  
  • Two zippered doors – one at the front and one at the back – make it easy for your pet to enter and leave the stroller.
  • Tear-resistant mesh around the carrier let plenty of fresh air in and keeps bugs out.
  • Mattress is removable and washable to ensure a clean environment in case your pet has any “accidents”.
  • Maximum weight of pet (or pets if two are sharing the stroller) is 32kg.
  • Height adjustable handle makes it more comfortable for you to take your pets out for a walk.
  • Carry basket is a sling under the pet carrier compartment to put all the essentials for your pet’s outing.
  • One front and two rear wheels with EVA tyres cover all terrains easily, even in the woods or in the mall.
  • Folds easily for transportation with a lock to keep it closed.
  • Dimensions: 
    • Open: 93cm(length); 58cm (width) and 103cm (height)
    • Closed: 56cm (width) and 88cm (height)
    • Laying surface: 76cm (length); 39cm (width) and 46cm (minimum height to the roof). 


  • Difficult to fold up and doesn’t stand up when folded.
  • Thin mattress.
  • Common problems:
    • Flimsy zippers
    • Tips if dog sits near back of carrier.

Our recommendation

The TOGfit Pet Roadster is definitely a luxury pet stroller. From the safety given by the sturdy powder-coated steel frame to the scratch-resistant and easily cleaned polyester fabric, this pet pram looks after you and your pet. A removable and washable mattress and tear-resistant netting makes sure that your dog travels in comfort with plenty of fresh air; the adjustable handlebar and the large bag under the carrier give you a comfortable walk and a place to store all the essentials you need to take to have an enjoyable time out.

Its top of the line features and its attention to comfort for you and your dog make the TOGfit Pet Roadster – Luxury Pet Stroller our Best Dog Pram. This stroller is for you and your pet if comfort and safety for both of you are important to your purchase decision.

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2. Innopet Pet Stroller 


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Innopet Pet Stroller

The Innopet Pet Stroller is a sporty-looking pet stroller. With its triangular shape with two large back wheels and one front wheel, it looks like you could go for a run pushing your dog along in the stroller. The reflectors on the sides and the back of the stroller plus the attached flag add to its athletic and urban appeal as well as keep you and your dog safe on dimly-lit roads.

The maximum load of weight of your pet (or pets) for this carrier is 30kg. Please check the dimensions of your pet against those of the carrier, carefully. You want your pet to have enough room to lay down and snooze if they want to.

The carrier is made of easily washed fabric and is removable so you can clean it inside and out. The cushion cover is also removable and easy to clean. Keeping this stroller as a hygienic environment for your pet is not difficult to do.

Sufficient air flow during inside the carrier is another important element to your dog’s health. The Innopet stroller has mesh windows for ventilation in all four walls, and one in the roof above your canine companion. This sunroof lets your dog view what’s going by above them. But just as importantly, it lets your pet see you for reassurance if they become a bit anxious about being in an enclosed space. 

You can leave the front window down if your dog is comfortable inside the stroller. To ensure that your pet doesn’t leap out unexpectedly when sighting a squirrel or someone with some food, hook their collar to the interior leash to restrain them safely.

For safety the rear wheels have a locking system to park the stroller on an incline. Your comfort is considered with the soft grips on the handle bar and there’s a storage pouch on the back of the stroller that’s easy for you to access. And you don’t need to be just a fair-weather walker – this stroller comes with a rain cover for days with drizzle.

P.S. While this looks like a stroller that could attach to a bicycle, there’s nothing in the sales copy or on the manufacturer’s website that indicates this.


  • Leash/seat belt inside keeps your dog safely inside the stroller.
  • Reflectors at the back and on the sides of the stroller let you safely take your pet out in the darker evening hours 
  • Fabric carrier and cushion cover are removable to keep everything clean and hygienic.
  • Ergonomic soft grip handles let you stroll further without hurting your hands and wrists.
  • Mesh front, back and side windows, plus a sunroof, let your pet see the view all around them as well as  keep insects out.
  • Rear wheels have locking system to stop a runaway stroller.
  • Takes up to 30kg of assorted pets on your walk with you.
  • Storage bag has a closable flap and is easy to access on the outside back wall of the stroller.
  • Dimensions: 73cm (length); 44cm (width) and 62cm (height of carrier).


  • Common problems:
    • Flimsy zippers
    • Tips if dog sits near back of carrier.

Our recommendation

The Innopet Pet Stroller has a sporty appearance. Its reflective stripes down the sides and reflectors on the back warn people that you’re around and don’t want to be held up. All the fabric in the carrier and the cushion is easily removed for cleaning so you don’t have to worry about any messes, either inside or out. If your dog gets excited at what they can see through the 360° mesh netting (plus the sunroof), restrain their bounciness by attaching their collar to the interior leash.

The Innopet Pet Stroller is the Runner-up in our Best Dog Pram and Stroller review. Its sportiness and ease of use suits those who like to go off the beaten path.

Innopet Pet Stroller
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3. Karlie 31616 Sport Buggy for Pets

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Karlie 31616 Sport Buggy for Pets

The Karlie 31616 Sport Buggy for Pets provides both shelter from the sun and a great view for your pet. Your dog can see out of the mesh front of the carrier even when they’re laying down. When sitting up is just too much effort, they can still sightsee from a prone position. If they’re tired of watching the world go by, they can curl up under the solid canopy part of the carrier.

The fabric of the carrier of this stroller is Teflon-coated which protects it from all kinds of stains, dirt and dog slobber. Just sponge it down with soapy water or use a light (animal-friendly) disinfectant solution to keep it clean and fresh. This stroller comes with a clear rain cover so your dog stays dry in wet weather while still being able to see out at the world. (You’re on your own for keeping yourself dry.)

The handlebar of this buggy has several comfort and convenience features. It’s height adjustable so whoever is pushing it can change the handle to suit their own height and walking position. The handle’s soft grip cover lets you push for a long while without straining your hands and wrists or getting blisters. In addition, the brake for the rear wheels is in the middle of the handlebar. It’s easily accessible; you don’t have to wave your foot about trying to connect with a brake lever that’s somewhere on one of the rear wheels.

In addition, the rear wheels have reflectors on the spokes to let people know that you’re around, helping to keep both you and your pet safe. As for the tyres, some online reviewers report that they’re flimsy and deflate easily, even getting punctures. You may need to be careful when going off-street. You may also have to provide your own cushion for your pet’s comfort as the sales copy doesn’t mention that one is included in your purchase.


  • Teflon-protected fabric stays clean from dirt, stain marks and any other doggie debris.
  • Handle is height adjustable so all members of your family can take turns pushing the dog in the stroller.
  • Soft grip cover on handle means you don’t have to stress out your hands and wrists from gripping too firmly.
  • Hand brake locks the rear wheels to avoid the stroller from running down hills and off curbs by itself.
  • Mesh sling basket under the stroller for all the dog accessories you seem to need on an outing, plus anything else for them you just can’t resist buying on your trip.
  • Reflectors on the rear wheels announce your presence in the evening hours.
  • Plastic rain cover protects the entire carrier during wet or snowy weather.
  • Folds up quickly and locks close for safety.
  • Dimensions: 123cm (length); 57cm (width) and 105cm (height).


  • Flimsy tyres.
  • Nowhere inside to attach leash. 
  • Doesn’t say that it comes with a cushion.

Our recommendation

The Karlie 31616 Sport Buggy for Pets is a stroller that provides a canopy roof for your dog’s protection from the sun as well as a mesh netting part from which they can see everything that’s going on around them. You don’t have to limit your walks to sunny weather, however, as the clean rain cover (included) covers the entire carrier. Your dog still look outs at the rainy landscape from its warm and dry seat. (How you keep dry is totally up to you though.) The Teflon-coated fabric of the carrier just shrugs off stains and dirt.

This might be the best dog buggy for you if you want an all-weather stroller that’s easy to care for and offers your dog a wide-angle view of the world.

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4. FoxHunter New Dog Pram

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The FoxHunter New Dog Pram has most of the features that you expect of any model in this Best of.. Review. However, the fact that it’s lightweight and it folds down flat makes it highly suitable as a travel pet pram – one you can take on vacation with you, or out on a day trip perhaps.

The fabric used in this dog stroller is a water-resistant polyester. Polyester is lightweight and durable and easy to clean. The mesh windows at the front, back and on the top of the carrier let in fresh air for your pet and keep out all kinds of bugs. Your dog has a healthy environment in which to relax. Depending on the size and condition of your pet, you can put them into the carrier through either the front or the (smaller) rear door. Or maybe they can jump up themselves.

Your pet will be safe in the stroller when you park it as each rear wheel has its own brake. The bright red brake levers are easy to find at each end of the rear wheel axle. Some online users state that the wheels are difficult to fit when assembling the stroller and that they don’t work well on rough terrain.

Like most dog prams, this Foxhunter one has a storage bag for all your and your pet’s paraphernalia. The bag has two mesh and two solid sides and is slung under the carrier. What’s unusual though is the cup holder on the handle that lets you keep up your energy by taking a large coffee with you on your morning walk.

The FoxHunter New Dog Pram holds up to 15kg of assorted pets.


  • Made of strong and water-resistant polyester for all-weather use, durability and quick-cleaning.
  • Two entry doors – front and rear – for your dog to enter and leave for their adventure.
  • Mesh windows at front, rear and top of pram lets in fresh air and keeps out the bugs, while letting your pet see where they are going.
  • Water-resistant foam mattress provides a soft surface for your dog to lay on.
  • Folds down easily to a flat footprint for compact storage and easy transportation.
  • Storage bag is polyester and mesh and is slung under the stroller for easy access.
  • Cup holder near the handle lets you take your coffee with you for an energised walking trip.
  • Each rear wheel has its own brake for added security.
  • Lightweight stroller at only 5.1kg.
  • Dimensions:
    • Open: 79cm (length); 45.5cm (width) and 99cm (height).
    • Closed: 88cm (length); 45.5cm (width) and 26cm (height).


  • Common problem:
    • Tips if dog sits near back of carrier.

Our recommendation

The FoxHunter New Dog Pram is lightweight and folds flat, an ideal combination in a travel dog stroller. Whether you take it on vacation or on a day trip, your mobility challenged dog or other pet can go out and about with you and the family, enjoying the new scenery. This strong and waterproof polyester carrier means that you don’t have to stay inside on those not-so-sunny days. The mesh bag lets you take with you whatever your pet needs for the trip and the drink holder is for whatever beverage keeps you going.

The FoxHunter New Dog Pram is our Best Travel Dog Pram and will take you and your dog on adventures away from home.

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5. Wooce Pet Four-Wheeled Stroller

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Wooce Pet Four-Wheeled Stroller

The Wooce Pet Four-Wheeled Stroller is specifically designed for medium to large dogs. However, once again we warn that this is open to interpretation. Although the maximum weight load for this stroller is an impressive 60kg, please carefully check the measurements (inside and outside) to see if your pet(s) will actually fit and be comfortable.

In keeping with its large capacity, this Wooce stroller has a strongframe made of high-strength stainless steel tube. The fabric of the carrier and the dog’s cushion is made of sturdy 600D Oxford polyester that’s easy to clean and maintain. 

However, most of the carrier is constructed of mesh fabric – the side walls, the front wall, the upper part of the back wall and the roof are all mesh. This is good news, not only for the great all-round view that your dog has, but for the excellent 360° ventilation and protection from insects and bugs. However, only the front wall opens up as a door, so you need to back your large dog in if you want them to be facing to the front and they’re too big to turn around inside.

The mesh sunroof also lets your pet see you if they become a little anxious. If you open the sunroof, they can also sit up and stick their heads out to see you up closer. The three storage pockets are also of mesh – it’s amazing how much stuff dogs need to travel with.

The stability of this large stroller is ensured with four wheels, and the front wheels are in pairs for an even steadier ride. The tyres are made of EVA material for durability and safety, and the front wheels can swivel 360° to handle all terrains. The large rear wheels cope with obstacles well.

Back to the dimensions of this stroller. The manufacturer clearly recommends that you check that it fits into your car boot if you plan on taking the stroller away from home – it’s really a big product, even when folded up..


  • Made of high-strength thick stainless steel tube and 600D Oxford polyester fabric for strength and a long service life.
  • Maximum weight load of animals is 60kg, so can take a medium or large pet.
  • Four wheels, and the front ones can rotate 360° to adapt to all kinds of uneven terrain.
  • Stroller folds flat easily after you remove the handle.
  • Three mesh pockets hold all the stuff that dogs can’t seem to leave home without.
  • Fresh air flows into the stroller from all directions, with two mesh walls, a mesh sun roof and a front mesh door.
  • Pet safety buckle to keep your dog safely in the stroller and feeling secure.
  • Interior cushion has a PVC waterproof cover for easy cleaning in case of any pet mishaps.
  • Dimensions: 
    • Open: 92cm (length); 79cm (width) and 113cm (height to top of handle).
    • Folded: 24cm (length); 64cm (width) and 82cm (height).
    • Inside: 64cm (length); 63cm (width) and 80cm (height to cabin roof).


  • Only one door – at the front.

Our recommendation

The Wooce Pet Four-wheeled Stroller is designed for medium and large dogs – but check the dimensions to make sure your pet fits comfortably. The frame is made of high strength stainless steel tubing to hold the weight and the fabric is 600D Oxford polyester to contain the rambunctiousness of a large dog. With mesh netting on all four walls and a mesh sunroof, your dog can see in all directions (even up to you) and won’t be bored on your walks. They can even poke their head up through the open sunroof for a conversation with you or for reassurance.

If you have a medium to large dog that’s currently housebound, this is our best dog stroller for you.

Wooce Pet Four-Wheeled Stroller
See availability from the best retailers

6. Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Stroller 

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The Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Stroller solves one of the common problems with dog strollers that online reviewers identify –that of flimsy zips that won’t open or close, or that just come right off. This Pet Gear dog stroller uses an easy-locking no-zip closure at every entry.

The no-zip closure is a combination of a robust plastic clip and a strap. There are no other details about it on the manufacturer’s website and just a photo on the sales page. Just know that you don’t have to fumble with misbehaving zips anymore.

The maximum weight load for animals in this stroller is 20.41kg. That’s quite an exact measurement so weigh and measure your pet carefully. Check all their and the stroller’s dimensions several times to be sure that your pet will have an enjoyable ride.

The other features of the Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Stroller are comparable to those of the other dog strollers we review here. The fabric used in the carrier is the same strong 600D polyester that’s used in the Wooce Pet Four-wheeled Stroller. This fabric is waterproof and easy to clean. 

The front of the carrier and part of the canopy fold down so your pet can take in the scenery, and the netting window allows bug-free viewing. An unusual comfort feature for your pet is a paw rest inside the cabin of the carrier. Your pet can prop themselves up on it to get a better view of what’s coming up.

The handle of this stroller is adjustable to 101.6cm for your comfort. Your convenience is covered with a range of storage options for your and your pet’s stuff. A mesh basket under the carrier holds larger items while a tray attached to the handle holds small things such as your phone. A small closable pocket on the side of the stroller could hold your keys.


  • Fabric is 600D water-resistant polyester which is strong and durable and easy to clean by sponging down with soapy water.
  • Several storage options including a mesh basket under the carrier and a storage tray on the handlebar. 
  • Canopy folds down for you to put the dog into the stroller.
  • Canopy closes with clips and not zips which eliminates one common problem with dog strollers.
  • Front of carrier and part of the canopy are made of mesh for good air flow and viewing for your pet.
  • Front wheel swivels for when you’re on smooth ground or you can lock it in when you’re on uneven surfaces.
  • Has a paw rest inside the cabin so your pet can prop themselves up to see outside.
  • Handle height is adjustable up to 101.6cm so it’s comfortable for you. 
  • Carries animals up to a maximum of 20.41kg safely.
  • Dimensions: 
    • Inside: 65cm (length); 30cm (width) and 52cm (height to top of cabin).


  • Wheels are flimsy.

Our recommendation

The Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Stroller has no zips, and that’s great news if you have had trouble in the past with zips on strollers – either for kids or pets. The fastenings used are clips that don’t need to be pulled or pushed, just, well, clipped. The other features of this special edition stroller are similar to the other strollers in this review. A sturdy 600D polyester fabric carrier, net mesh windows for good ventilation, adjustable handle and quite a few storage places for your stuff. A unique paw rest in the cabin provides a new place for your pet to prop themselves up on.

If you need a dog stroller for a relatively small dog or a large cat or rabbit, and just hate the bother of zips, the Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition is the one to look at.

No products found.

Buyer’s Guide

Even though your housebound pet is focussed on the excitement of finally getting out of the house on a walk, you still need a safe stroller and comfortable environment for their adventure. Here are the main features of a pet stroller or pram and what to look for in choosing the best one.

Maximum weight load

This is such an important feature that it’s first on our list. This is the maximum weight of animal(s) that the manufacturer recommends that you use the stroller for. This is the total weight of one or more animals. Some online reviewers state, however, that they found that a stroller might not be able to hold this much weight, especially if the pet inside is bouncy or moves around because it’s excited or frightened. 

After you’ve weighed your dog or other pet, do not buy a stroller until you’ve also looked at the dimensions.


These are the measurements of two things:

  • The stroller
  • Your pet

The measurements to obtain for the stroller are:

  • Outside: length, width and height 
  • Folded: length, width and height
  • Inside:  length, width and height
  • Entranceway: width and height

The outside measurements tell you if you can get the stroller through your front door; the folded measurements tell you if it fits in your car boot; and the inside measurements tell you how much space to sit, to stand and to lay down your pet has. The entranceway measurements tell you if you can actually get your dog into the carrier.

The measurements to get for your pet are:

  • Weight: kgs
  • Standing: length, width and height
  • Sitting: length, width and height
  • Laying down in usual position: length, width and height

Your pet’s measurements tell you how much they weigh and how much space they need.

Now check to see if your pet’s measurements are smaller than the stroller’s measurements and that they can fit into the stroller.


The heavier and larger your pet is, the sturdier the stroller frame should be. The best pet stroller frames are made of strong steel and are powder-coated for durability, the ability to withstand scratches and dings.


600D Oxford polyester fabric is the strongest fabric used on the strollers in our review. It’s waterproof or water resistant and easy to clean. If you have a medium or large dog, you need a strong fabric. In addition, if your dog is excitable or bounces around, look for a fabric that’s tear proof or resists scratches. A material that’s easy to sponge down and keep clean helps you keep the inside of the stroller hygienic for your pet.


Check that the dog stroller comes with a thick cushion for your dog to be comfy on. Some cushions may be thin and you need to replace them. Some manufacturers say that the cushions are easy to clean, but unless the cushion cover is removable, you can’t deeply clean it or machine wash it. It’s an advantage if the bottom of the carrier is non-slip so the cushion and the dog don’t roll around as you turn sharp corners.


The number and placement of the wheels contribute to the stability of the stroller. All the products we review are designed to operate on the flat and on uneven terrain. Most are three- wheeled with two wheels at the back and one at the front. Look for EVA tyres for stability and safety. The larger the wheel, the more stability it brings to the stroller.

A front wheel that swivels 360° runs smoothly on a flat surface when allowed to swivel and is better on uneven terrain when locked in position. A lockable brake is usually on the rear wheels. Some strollers have a brake for each wheel while other rear wheels share one brake. 


Taking dogs out in a stroller for a walk is similar to taking kids out in that they need stuff – water, toys, snack. Most pet strollers have a basket slung beneath the carrier to store large items. Some also have smaller bags scattered around on the side and back walls. Two of the models we review have trays attached to he handles and one contains a cup holder, perfect for early morning walks and your wake-up cup of coffee.

Common problems

Online reviewers of dog strollers complain often about two problems in particular:

Flimsy zips

These are zips that quickly stop opening or closing the doors of pet strollers, just stop moving or come off entirely. It could be that the metal teeth bend and break, that the stitching comes apart or that the zipper closer falls off the end. If this is a problem that you just can’t handle, check out the Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Stroller we review that has a clip closing system.

Stroller tips over when the dog sits towards the back

This problem has to do with the centre of gravity of the stroller. Everything’s fine when the dog is in the right place, either in the centre or towards the front of the carrier. The centre of gravity is over the wheels and the stroller is stable. However, if the dog shifts towards the back of the carrier (the handlebar end) the centre of gravity shifts away from the front wheel and the stroller may tip over. Strollers with four wheels or a wider wheel base are less prone to this problem.

Final Conclusion

A dog stroller is not only an opportunity for your housebound pet to experience the outdoors once again, it’s also a time for the two of you to bond and have fun, just like old times.

Using a dog stroller to get your dog out into the fresh air may draw some looks and raise some eyebrows, but only non-dog people won’t understand. What’s important is the quality of life of your dog and most mobility challenged dogs miss their walks and their exercise time with you. Whether you use the dog stroller to take your four-legged friend to the park so they can run around for a short time or use it for the entirety of their walk, their excitement, licks and kisses are all the thanks you need.

The TOGfit Pet Roadster – Luxury Pet Stroller is our choice of Best Dog Stroller. It has all the top-end features though it’s not the most expensive stroller in our review. It combines safety and comfort in such a way that both you and your pet can’t help but enjoy your outings in style.

The Innopet Pet Stroller is the Runner-up in our review. Its sporty appearance says that you and your dog take walks seriously as exercise. The reflectors on the sides and the back of the carrier help to keep you both safe in dim light and the ergonomic grips on the handle bar let you walk for a long distance without tiring of pushing.

Hopefully, your dog stroller becomes your mobility challenged dog’s home away from home. For their home at home, read our review of the Best Dog Crates and Cages.

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