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Welcome to Fab Pets, we are one of the one trusted review websites for pet products in the UK and are a free, independent resource for pet lovers.

Each year, thousands of visitors read our unbiased reviews where we compare many different products, we often research as many as 20-30 top products in detail spending countless hours reading online reviews to narrow the very best products down to only a handful we truly believe in and would recommend.

At Fab pets you can find the best reviews for the top products for dogs, cats, small animals, fish, reptiles and everything inbetween as well as useful tips and knowledge to take care of your beloved pets.

We thoroughly research each topic to bring you the latest and very best products and pet care advice so you can enjoy time with a happier and healthier animal pet.

We fact-check everything before publishing on our site, however the content on this web site should be considered of an informational nature only – it is not intended to replace the advice of a professional veterinarian.

How so we fund this site – keeps things transparent

Our site is mainly funded through affiliate links, this means if a reader chooses to buy one of the products we recommend as a result of our in-depth research, hours of analysis and comparing, we may get a small affiliate commission from the retailer when they make a purchase.

If readers return their purchases because they’re dissatisfied or the recommendation is bad, we make nothing. All our reviews as unbiased and the commission does not affect how we choose our top picks. In fact, our researchers and writers have no knowledge of which companies pay or do not pay commissions for products we recommend. Remember this does not cost you any more when you use our links but it helps support our work.

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